Art Does Not Have to Be Profound

black fine tip pen, and soft pencil of a Root beer float

I know. Not a very profound subject for a drawing/piece of art.

Sometimes, I get tired, though, of having to paint something of great meaning and import.

My artist friend was over earlier, and we were settling in, to do art together.

She got going right away. She was making these really cool paper beads. She would cut long, narrow triangles of magazine paper, spread glue on them, and wrap them around a toothpick. Then, she slid the finished product off of the toothpick, and wallah!, her long, cylindrical beads were complete.

I, however, was unsure of how to begin. Sometimes, blank paper can intimidate me. I had my art bag filled with 100 or so colored brush pens, 5 gel pens, and a ziplock of pencils and thin tipped black pens.

I told her that I didn’t know what to draw.

“A root beer float!”, she exclaimed.

At first I thought this a ridiculous suggestion. She had seen a photo of the aforesaid float, in her magazine.

I then decided, that it would be a relief to draw something mundane.

It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience.


  1. For the not so worldly British, can you explain a root beer float? Is this the whole beer and cola on top? I’ve seen milkshake floats – the milkshake and then coke on the top (yeuch!)
    This is cool, something a little different and as you say, it’s about getting started and doing something, regardless what it is, and enjoying the process. xx

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