Does Alternative Medicine Really Work?

Most people that I’ve spoken to in regards to this issue, say, “Yes!”, quite emphatically. Often, though, I have found these individuals to have had little experience, if any, with serious illnesses.

As I’ve stated many times before, I have an auto-immune disease called, Crohn’s, CFIDS, and Generalized Anxiety/Depression disorders.

I’ve seen many allopathic(MD’s), and alternative docs(Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Homeopathic).

In the past my experience had been very one sided. Certain conditions that I have improved with traditional medicine, while nothing seemed to change-or my condition would worsen, with alternative medicine.

Though this has been my lot in life for decades, I’ve failed to give up on alternative options, as the treatment that I’ve received from M.D.s has been far from perfect.

Recently, due to a friends enthusiastic recommendation, I began seeing a local chiropractor. He is relatively new to this area, and has an interesting background.

He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis as a young teenager, and when told by his MD that he would need to be on Steroidal meds, or have his colon cut out, decided to look in another direction.

At 15 years of age, he told his mom, on the way back from his last appointment with his GI doc, to be dropped off at the local library.

There he began decades of research on nutrition, the effects of stress on chronic illness, and more. Surprisingly, he was able to induce a remission in his Ulcerative Colitis, by following the results that he uncovered, and working out a game plan for himself, after months of study.

He has been in practice for 35 years, and is constantly booked. He is highly intelligent, kind, and motivated in guiding his patients to a state of improved health.

In my case, over the past two or so months, he has treated me as a whole person, rather than a series of parts. He put me on a special diet, trained me in specific meditation techniques, and slowly arranged a regimen based on his methods, of supplements, to treat my most disturbing symptoms.

Boy, was I shocked, when he prescribed adrenal support that actually boosted my energy! That has never happened to me in the past.

I am also, on a pharmaceutical drug, called Humira, for the Crohn’s disease, which I know is quieting it a bit. BUT, one of its main side effects is fatigue, which I’ve noticed has worsened rather than improving since I began injecting the drug.

At this point, I am far from feeling well. But it is hugely inspiring to me to see an improvement in my health, no matter how small. Especially concerning my energy. NOTHING has ever helped me in this arena.

I’ll keep people updated as to my progress. I will be working with him for at least 4 months more.

I decided that I would try alternative medicine one more time, and fully commit to my treatment plan. I’m so glad I did.

So, while I would not throw away my pharmaceuticals(at least not yet), I am feeling very encouraged.

I hope this blog also encourages those of you, who like myself, have been chronically ill for eons, with very spotty results in terms of health benefits.

Unfortunately it does take money to see docs, especially the individuals who don’t conform to the standard model of medicine. My insurance pays for zip of the costs incurred by my chiropractor, as he is not primarily focused on making spinal adjustments.

I have been fortunate to have just enough to keep up with my appointments, without using credit cards. Close to my entire financial focus is on my health, groceries, supplements, etc. I will continue in this direction until I am sure that everything that can be done with this guy, has been done.

I am beyond ready to feel well enough to have an actual life. Hopefully, this doc will be able to help me get to that point.


  1. I’ve not used a chiropractor before but if you can see even the slightest benefit already, then that’s a positive start. My fingers will be very much crossed for you! I know it’s different over there in the US with insurance and it often not covering ‘unconventional’ treatments, but it’s probably similar in this case to the UK as things like this aren’t covered on the NHS either. Such a shame so many have to turn in desperation to alternative treatments that cost them so greatly financially. But if it works, that’s a small miracle in itself, and that’ll be worth the money then, hopefully. Keep us posted!  ♥ xxxx

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