The Mean Things We Say To Ourselves

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not unique in terms of the negative way in which I often speak to myself.

It’s amazing what we say to ourselves! I would guess that most of us would never speak to anyone else, as we do to our own selves.

The chastisements. The derision. The downright meanness.

What’s so difficult about this predicament, is that we often don’t even know just how bad things really are. We’ve learned over a lifetime to castigate ourselves continuously, and so much of it goes unnoticed, that it’s nearly impossible to change.

I’ve decided to take an online class, called, “Art, Heart and Healing”, at Willowing Arts. It was recommended to me by a friend of my mother’s, and unbelievably, it appealed to me.

So much of the painting that I do is created with the thought in my mind that I might sell it eventually. I share images of my work with pretty much everyone that will look at it.

I like the idea of putting together a journal of writing combined with art, to express my angst, and to have something that is specifically my own.

The class that I mentioned is free, and is only 4 sessions long. If I decide that I really like it, I might pay for the related course that is considerably longer, and more involved.

In this class we will be taking a look at all of the mean things we say to ourselves, and sort of interpreting what’s behind it. The teacher is not a psychologist, or a social worker, but so far I like her ideas about her initial project.

You don’t have to be some exceedingly grand artist to take this class. You don’t even really need to be an artist. Though, I honestly feel that all of us are. Most of us have just had our creativity stomped out of us by horrible teachers, and other judges of the beautiful work we’ve crafted.

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep these images, and text that goes along with them, private, so I feel like this is completely my own.

I just get tired of feeling so needy, and wanting so much to impress people with the work I do.

Perhaps when I am completely done with the journal, I will share a few snippets of it. Not to get positive feedback, but to show that creativity is a great way to heal our own souls.

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  1. I think the course sounds fantastic (even better that it’s free). The idea of a journal mixed with art should be cathartic and insightful; you’re right with how cruel and harsh we can be on ourselves, often without realising just how bad it is. We’d never talk to others the way we do ourselves, and we’d tell others to talk kindly to themselves, but we fail to do the same when it comes to taking our own advice. I understand wanting approval and even to feel you’re impressing others with your work. But again, I’d also say don’t be too hard on yourself, there’s a reason you feel ‘needy’, and perhaps being kinder to yourself and celebrating your own achievements may help fill the gaps a little more. xx

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