Finding Inspiration

When we are feeling bleak, and weighed down by our own pains and realities, it can be exceptionally difficult to find meaning in our lives.

Most people don’t understand what kind of courage and fortitude is needed when you’re living through day after day of depression.

Lately, it’s felt easier for me to sleep, and avoid life, then it has been for me to get myself up early, dressed, and painting(or writing).

Depression is a very powerful adversary. Lately I’ve been drawing on every part of myself, to keep my chin from dropping to my chest.

I think it’s important to have a list written up and available, for times like these. Somehow, it’s nearly impossible to remember what it was that inspired me, when I was in a better place, when I’m in a period where I feel swallowed up by darkness.

Once I can find the stamina and the will to draw or paint, after awhile I tend to enjoy it. But it’s a true challenge, that I’m not always able to acheive.

Right now, I’m listening to a You Tube video of soothing music, with dolphins calling to each other in the background. My pain hasn’t gone away, but it can be eased by music, truly funny movies, books that create new worlds for me, and painting or drawing.

It also helps to avoid being perpetually isolated, when possible.

What helps you to feel better when you’re in your darkest of places?



  1. That’s a touch question for me, because I seem to have fallen into a pattern of eating and shopping to relieve my depression, and I’m sick of the consequences.
    Unfortunately, my dumb ass has decided that not only am I on a shopping ban and a diet/exercise kick… I have put down the vape stick and cigarettes. All at the same time.
    Go bug or go home, I guess?

  2. Depression really is a powerful adversary. It can take every drop of what you have just to keep going every day. I think having a list on hand is a great idea. When I’m really stuck and can’t get out of the cycle, I find that distracting my brain can help for a while, like with something really good on Netflix or a good book, because I’m not capable of doing anything with my brain that requires creativity. Taking a break and getting a change of scenery, like with a walk to the shops, can give you a little breathing room, and then get into some inspiration, like with movies or books or music or YouTube videos. Self-help style books, quotes and blogs are also great. I’m sorry you know what this is like but, for what it’s worth, I think you do a wonderful job with your blog and with giving others ideas and support in what you write, letting everyone know they’re not alone either.
    Caz xx

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