Gentle and Strong

abstracted painting of a red Hart stag, by Wendy Bloom

It has not been an easy time for me, these past 6 months or so.

I won’t go into it, but a number of personal issues have been making my life miserable as of late.

Painting is one of the few endeavors I pursue, which bring me pleasure, perhaps especially during trying times.

Each of the animals I paint, has spiritual significance to it. I don’t have any Native American blood running in my veins, but I appreciate some of their views of the world, and of nature.

I’ve recently been identifying with the stag painting I’m working on.

I’ve only read several short blurbs that are Native American based, online, but I’ve found strength in their meanings.

Deer are so gentle, and elegant. They get spooked easily. I often feel afraid, and like I don’t have a foundation to stand on.

Stags, though, have formidable antlers, as I depicted in my painting. So, along with its gingerness, and it’s being a herbivore, it wields great power.

Think how strong the neck muscles of the stag must be, to hold up those weighty antlers!

Sometimes I feel like the burdens we all carry are similar to this. We can feel crushed under them, but we’re truly building strength in our struggles, no matter how crappy we might feel.

When I’m feeling particularly low, I’ve been imagining myself as a stag. Gentle, yet powerful beyond measure.


  1. You have been through a lot, and that’s only the stuff I know about that you’ve shared here. You are a tough cookie, and I love the painting. You’re right, it’s a good way to look at it, like the stag – carrying burdens but still graceful in its power and strength. xxxx

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