Unfortunately, due to some bad vibes or possibly demons in my present home, I’m going to be moving out. It’s really a pity, because I love the place, and I have what has to be one of the most incredible views in Ashland.

I’ve been attempting to find rentals in Ashland, that:

  1. Aren’t run down
  2. Accept cats
  3. Aren’t as dark as dungeons

Ashland, Oregon is notorious for making it near impossible to find housing if you have a cat or a dog. So, when something good comes up, rental wise, the competition is monstrous.

I found a beautiful, almost temple like studio, with views at all angles, and light streaming through it, and believed myself to be in heaven. I did not get it, and would not have been able to keep my cat had I been the chosen one.

Currently, I’m living at my boyfriend’s house, because I find my flat too terrifying to stay in.

It’s very kind of him to let me stay here, and put up with my bullshit.

However, we both like our independence, and neither of us know how long it will take me to find my own place.

I applied to another rental, that is the bottom floor of a duplex. It’s been completely remodeled, and has a lot of natural light in it, which would be perfect for my painting.

One of the questions that was asked on the application form was-has your animal ever hurt anyone, or damaged anything?

Being the honest person that I am(mostly), I answered, yes, as my cat has destroyed half of my furniture with her claws.

I’ll find out tomorrow evening, whether or not I got the place, but once again there is a lot of competition and I would imagine that not everyone has pets…

Moving is horrific. I have so many bags of items that need to be sorted through, and thrown out. My boyfriend, and another friend, have been helping me out, but it is still a lot of work and totally overwhelming for me.

So, hopefully, though I love my boyfriend dearly, I won’t be living here into my 70’s.

Wish me luck. W


  1. I’m glad you have a temporary space at your boyfriend’s place as that’s a better option for you mentally than staying somewhere that’s not doing you any good. I think you’ve made the right decision as you’ve given it long enough and tried everything you can to change the vibes and feel better about the place, as sad as it is that you’re having to move. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you hear some good news about the rental. Hang in there, you & your catkins will find something (and you won’t be 70 when you do!) xx

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