Great Chinese Food

So, I’m in the SF Bay Area for a very short trip. My boyfriend and I drove from Ashland to Palo Alto, CA, in 6 hours. I didn’t do any driving, but found it exhausting nonetheless.

One of our major complaints, having grown up in the SF Bay Area, and currently living in Oregon, is that good Chinese food is absolutely absent in the state. Perhaps it’s better in Portland, but we don’t get there often, and it’s 5 hours North of us.

My boyfriend is Hispanic/Native American/Spanish, and happens to be quite ethnic looking. This is one of the reasons why I find him so handsome.

He complains regularly of how white it is in Oregon. I’m not talking about the snow, either.

Ashland is considered to be a bastion of Liberalism, yet the vast majority of its inhabitants are white. Pretty boring.

Back to Chinese food. It is absolutely disgusting in Ashland. Deep fried unidentifiable meats, with goopy sauces. Frightful to see, and even more so to eat.

So, since I’ve been in Palo Alto, I have ordered dim sum for two days in a row. We’re leaving later today, but I had to get one more fix in!

I love so many things about Ashland. And I hate so many things about the Bay Area. But, I am a foodie, and I miss terribly the quality of food-Indian, Greek, Chinese, etc., that is everywhere here in SF and the surrounding cities.

I just need my Chinese food fix, frequently. 6 hours is a little bit far to drive to indulge myself with any regularity.

Happy Holidays!

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