Revealing Test Results

I recently found out from a new doc that my cortisol levels, which have to do with stress, and energy, are way out of wack. The numbers were abnormally low.

Potentially, I could get more energy, and a better attitude, once this is taken care of. Though there are no meds to treat this issue, there are supplements that supposedly help.

My sex hormones were also very, very low. Especially my Estriadol, and my Progesterone. I’m now on a cream that was put together by a compounding pharmacy, with Progesterone, and Testosterone in it. Perhaps this will be helpful, as well.

My thyroid was also low, so I’m now on thyroid medication.

When you have been ill for decades, like myself, and been told numerous times that there is nothing wrong with you, it is somewhat satisfying to get back test results that show without doubt that there is something REAL going on in your body.

I know that I suffer from anxiety and depression. I know that many docs discount the validity of CFS.

I’m not contesting that there are physical, emotional and spiritual causes potentially behind some of my symptoms.

At the same time, it’s nice to be validated, and to have some hope that things could potentially get better for me.

My doc said it will take at least 2 weeks to notice a difference in how I’m feeling, though she seems quite confident that I will be feeling better-even if I am doubtful.

I know that these test results showed in black and white that I have some very real hormonal deficiencies. I imagine that I will feel better. I just don’t believe that these tests fully explain what’s been going on with me for a multitude of years.

I will take what I can get. As anyone with chronic health issues know, even if symptoms are improved mildly, it is time for a celebration…

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  1. So many things that affect our bodies (and brains/emotions) don’t get flagged by test results, so it’s good when something does because you can see a cause and hopefully a way to treat or manage it, as well as, like you said, feel validated rather than looked at with scepticism and told there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m glad these things have been identified; there’s quite a lot going on there! I really do help the supplements, cream and meds can help work their magic to make things a little better for you. Even just small improvements can make a big difference when chronically ill, so my fingers are crossed for you!
    Caz xxxx

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