It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Today at around 1pm, I ran down my stairs, in a mad rush.

I had an upcoming appointment with a nutritionist in Medford, and had been dragging my feet in resistance, earlier.

Another doc referred me to her, and I have very mixed feelings about working with this new nutritionist lady.

Basically, I know what is healthy. I know how I should be eating. I’m actually quite well-informed when it comes to diet.

But, I’m on a med called Zyprexa, which really cranks my appetite up.

Also, I’m an emotional eater.

I believe this is often the case with overweight people.

Food soothes me and immerses me in sensations that are pleasurable, and distracting. Just like any drug does.

I got to my car, all ready to haul ass, and my key fob wouldn’t open the door!

I tried my other key fob, and it didn’t work, either.

Then I used the actual key to get into my lovely Subaru, but it would not start.

So, I couldn’t make it to my appointment with the nutritionist. Darn.

Now I’m waiting for a tow truck to take me and my car to the local Subaru Dealership. My car is still under warrantee, which I’m thankful for.

Hopefully, it’s the battery, and nothing serious.

I’m not happy about the condition of my car. But, I’m not unhappy about missing my appointment.

I don’t feel like dealing with added stress.

Where are the chocolate chip cookies, again?


  1. Sounds like fate..!
    I think you need to stand your ground with nutritionists and know how you feel about things, ie. do you feel out of control, do you think your eating is a problem, do you think you need help with a varied diet etc. When I saw one years ago, I wasn’t impressed. That said, I’m sure they can help a lot of people (but a lot of it is also common sense, which can be a bit insulting).
    Hope all gets sorted with your car! xx

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