Better Today


I forced myself to get out today, at a semi-reasonable hour, to buy groceries.

When I get really depressed it can be challenging to buy food and cook. I can feel like I have a pile of bricks on my shoulders, weighing me down. So everything takes more effort.

It took me forever to get to the grocery store. It’s funny how once I’m there, especially in the produce section, I enjoy all of the colors and smells.


I bought vegetables, and eggs, and a few other things for recipes I looked up.

This afternoon I made one of the dishes, which was mini frittatas with red and yellow bell peppers.

I sort of overfilled the muffin tin when I poured in the egg mixture. Didn’t come out all neat and tidy, as it appeared on the website I took the recipe from…


When I am feeling this down, I want to remember to take note of what I get done, rather than what I’m unable to do.

Washed my hair. Check.

Went on a walk around the block. Check.

Went grocery shopping. Check.

Finished to completion one recipe. Check.

I don’t know what else I’ll be doing this evening, but I feel good knowing that I actually accomplished something. However small.

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