The Joy of Hormonal Imbalances

Okay. So, it’s been awhile since I last wrote. For months, I was contributing to my blog nearly daily. Not certain why I’ve felt so uninspired recently.

I believe that my hormones are swinging around, like Tarzan through the trees.

I am 51, and definitely in the land of the menopausal.

I’m finding that I can’t remember simple words, when I’m conversing with others.

I am grouchy as all heck.

I’m even more depressed and anxious, than is usual for me.

An aquaintence of mine told me about a special hormonal system, where these little pellets are inserted in your hip area. They release hormones based on how low you are in different areas, and work constantly.

He told me that his wife and he were nearly going to get a divorce, as she was so tired constantly, had no sex drive, and her personality had changed for the worse.

She had some blood work done, and it turned out that she was low in Testosterone.

She went through the procedure, and it saved her, and their marriage.

People tend to think of men and Testosterone.

While we women produce less than our male counterparts, we do need it in our systems.

Symptoms of low Testosterone can be kind of vague and hazy. Fatigue, memory-loss, anxiety, insomnia-all characteristic of many other health issues including depression.

I’ve decided that it’s time to get all of my hormones tested.

I’m praying that with some intervention, I’ll be able to get back to my normal level of feeling unwell.

I have absolutely no sex-drive whatsoever, which isn’t necessarily a drawback at this point in time. Being without a significant other, it’s more of a bother than anything else, when I’m feeling aroused.

Maybe I need to have a more positive attitude concerning menopause. Perhaps there are some good things about going through it. I will need to think about this.

If I remember to.

Painting I’m working on, which is reflective of how I’m feeling. Just a little bit schizophrenic.


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