All Hallows Eve

Totally hideous photo of myself before I washed off my make-up. Needed to have at least one person see the fruits of my labor.

I’m 51, and I still get excited about Halloween. I mean, how fun is it to dress up, make up your face, and for a short while transform into something, or someone else?

It seems, though, that most of my friends are too old to celebrate with me.

This morning, I put on sparkly eye make up, painted my face white, and placed a huge black lined mouth over my own mouth and beyond.

Unfortunately, after wearing this make-up for less than an hour, my eyes started to run copiously!

I washed it all off. Apparently, I am allergic to Halloween.

So, I’m wearing my dangly skeleton earrings, and will probably stay home for the evening.

I didn’t buy any candy, because I know well who will eat most of it if it’s in my house.

Ho hum. This is my existence.

There is a dance party this evening, close by, with a good soul band, but no one wanted to go with me. I think that even if I paid them money to go, they would have refused.

I’m somewhat theatrical, normally. Halloween gives me the opportunity to be weird and zany, without anyone caring.

Oh, well. Next year I’ll plan things out, rather than waiting until the day of the holiday, to call up friends 😦

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  1. A dance party on Halloween? I’m there!!!! I love dance parties!!! I also love the fact that you will get all dressed up on Halloween. I typically don’t, but this year, I put on some cat ears and it was fun. Maybe next year, I’ll do the makeup as well. Cheers!

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