Nourishment for my Soul

Isn’t Romesco an amazing looking veggie? At least that’s what I think this relative of broccoli is…

It’s interesting how at times something as small as making myself a meal, will cheer me up.

I once again am considering going vegetarian-I was for 7 years or so, but lived on carbs. Understandably this didn’t make me feel great.

Maybe I’ll eat fish, still. Not sure.

Just felt really tired, low, and grouchy this whole day.

I forced myself to buy several groceries, and make some falafel patties from scratch.

Cumin, garbanzos, garlic, etc., all mashed together by my food processor. Fresh parsley, too, which I always enjoy.

I noticed that by the time I had made the patties(reminiscent of playing in the mud), I was in a better mood.

I’m not running around the house in a blissful state of Nirvana, or anything

I do, however, notice a distinct lightening of my mood.

This has happened to me before when I cook. I like to understand, when something helps me, what it is about that something that is helpful.

I believe with cooking-

  1. I enjoy the process
  2. I’ve taken time to nourish myself
  3. cutting and mixing is meditative
  4. it takes my mind off of what’s upsetting me

There are probably more mysterious reasons as to why it eases my suffering, but the above is what I could dredge up.

I’m not thrilled that my burgers are falling apart in the frying pan, but at least they will taste good, and possibly even soothe my soul, when I eat them!


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  1. Hope you enjoyed those burgers! That veggie looks so odd, yet stranger still looking at it is somehow almost hypnotic. I think cooking is therapeutic for a lot of people (but for those like me it’s a source of anger and frustration!) so I hope you can turn to it for a mood boost and to nourish your body with good food. I couldn’t go vegetarian as I eat a lot of chicken, but rarely eat other meat now since my stoma. I like Quorn (chicken pieces, nuggets too) for stir fry meals or with rice. I have never touched fish, and never could, anything from the sea gives me the creeps for some reason. But there isn’t a word for that I don’t think – someone who eats meat, but not fish. Anyway, I do hope this week treats you well and that you can do a few things to look after yourself and make you smile 🙂 xx

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