Wendy, the Human Pin Cushion

Recently I had my first mammogram in 6 years. Not good, I know.

I got a call the next morning, that I needed further testing. So, an ultrasound of one breast was scheduled, plus a special mammogram for the right breast.

My good friend Leona drove me to this appointment, and was so kind.

I didn’t realize that I’d be getting the results nearly immediately. When I found out this was the case, I invited Leona in to sit with me, and be my ears. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and out of focus.

There were calcifications in one breast, and a pea sized growth in the other. The Radiologist informed me that they would need to do needle biopsies on each breast, to rule out the big C.

I had my first biopsy today. It’s weird to have strangers handling your boobs. Lifting them, placing them, smooshing them with machines.

The nurses were very helpful. They explained the whole procedure to me, and were exceptionally gentle and open.

Unfortunately the doctor was a man, which felt a little weird. Even though I’m sure he’s seen 100’s of patients breasts for this procedure, I would have preferred a woman.

It didn’t hurt as much as I though it would, which is a blessing. All the while, when the doc was numbing me up, and taking the needle biopsies, one of the nurses stood next to me, asking me questions, and holding my hand.

Then it was over.

Now I just need to stay calm, waiting for the results. I have another biopsy on Tuesday morning. I’m a little less nervous than I was, because I have a sense of what to expect.

Between my abdominal mass, my SIBO infection, and this, I’m feeling like it’s been one health issue after the next.

I’m doing my best to be upbeat throughout this whole period, but I’m not always successful. Which I think is understandable.

Apparently, 87% of the samples from people having needle biopsies, are benign. I’m hoping(praying, actually), that both of my abnormalities fall into that category.

Sometimes, it sucks to be human.


  1. I’m so sorry it wasn’t a clear mammogram. I was surprised you got results so quickly, but obviously then you have the wait to get biopsy results. You are handling this with such dignity and courage with everything else you have going on. I wish you didn’t have this on top of it all. It really is one thing after another… Please take good care of yourself while you wait for results, and know that you have people thinking of you. Hugs xxxx

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