the Fiery Furnace

I arrived back in Ashland late evening on the 22nd. I also arrived to intense smoke, which was the result of multiple forest fires in Oregon. Not appealing. I wished I could get back onto the plane, and return to Maui.

The smoke here is so bad, that many people are wearing masks-the kind that construction workers wear when they’re breaking apart sheetrock. The kind that many Chinese people wear, in China, to protect themselves catching, and spreading the flu.

I cannot even see the mountains from my living room windows. The smoke is so thick, that it blocks them out.

It’s been like this the past 3 summers, here. I dread the summertime, for this reason. Temps also rise to the upper nineties, low one hundreds.

Before I moved here, people would ask, “How will you tolerate the Winters?”

The Winters here are a piece of cake to deal with, in comparison to the summers.

It rarely snows, and I can layer my clothes, and wear a puffer jacket when it does.

With the smoke, I’m forced to stay indoors, in the a/c.

Apparently, it’s been smoky like this over the past week or more. Sometimes it will continue for an entire month at a time.

A state of emergency has been declared in Oregon. Over 100 fires are burning in the state.

I’ve thought about moving to other places, but the only other place I could see living, is in Hawaii. That would mean leaving all of my friends and my parents behind. I’m not sure how keen I am on this.

Maui was l


  1. I loved through all the fires in east Texas after tropical storm Lee came through with Texas on the dry side in 2011. So I absolutely understand what you’re going through, and I’m sending you (((hugs)))

  2. Fire is so devastating, a life of its own and it’s scary just how destructive it is. I can see the hesitation with moving away though, especially when your life is there. I’m sorry you have that so nearby and then have to stay indoors, but please do stay safe.xx

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