All By My Lonesome

So, I went on the boat tour to Lanai, yesterday, all by my lonesome. I’m independent and used to spending time alone, but this was sort of hard.

I was the only single person there, amongst an ocean of families and couples.

Hawai’i is an amazingly lovely destination, so it makes sense that many travel here for honeymoons and anniversaries.

I’m very conscious of many of my thoughts and feelings.

Although the activity was fun, I would have enjoyed it even more had I had someone else in my company.

I did something called SNUBA diving, for the first, and perhaps the last, time.

There is a tank of air floating on the surface of the water, and you have about 20 feet of tubing tethering you to it.

Something about the way the mouthpiece was formed, or the size, made it uncomfortable, and awkward.

My goggles kept filling up with water. I drank quite a lot of sea water(unintentionally, of course).

The water was on the murky side, which makes me nervous. Luckily Jaws didn’t pop out of the gloom, and bite my head off.

The journey went from 10 am to 6 pm. The boat ride to Lanai is about 2 hours long each way, when it leaves the Lahaina harbor.

The crew was wonderful and warm. They supplied us with food and good stories, throughout the entire trip.

My favorite part of this, was that on our return trip, some dolphins materialized, right at the back right end of the catamaran. That is where I was sitting. So, I got to see them quite well, and they jumped out of the water and played around. It felt like a real gift, as I wasn’t expecting to see them at all.

I’m exhausted today, but I suppose it was worth it. The photographer that was with the Trilogy outfit, took a bunch of underwater photos of me, chaotically splashing around. I decided to buy them, as my memory fails me more and more often. It’s nice to remember certain things about the past.

And, to forget certain things, too.


  1. I think you did a great job on your own, especially as you say that can be less enjoyable or daunting when surrounded by couples and families. I take my hat off to you as I’m not sure I could have done the diving, especially if the goggles kept filling up! It’s good to hear the crew was so nice though, and to see dolphins too, that’s amazing! I do hope you can cherish those photos. xx

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