My Troubling Relationship With Food

I knew I shouldn’t come here. Here being a new coffee house, tied to another cafe in town, called Mix. This place is named Remix. Cute, eh?

The very stark, but clean interior of Remix, in Ashland, OR

My plan was to come here and get an un-sweetened beverage of some kind. But, I knew deep down, that I wouldn’t stick to my plan.

Mix makes the best pastries in Ashland. Delectable almond croissants, lemon tarts, eclairs, just to name a few of my favorites.

I think that all of the bad bacteria in my gut is speaking to me, “Feed us more, and more, and more, sugar!” They scream.

I ended up with not only an unsweetened ice tea, but with the item pictured below.

My iced tea and naughtiness in said cafe

The nutritionist, at my Naturopathic docs office, told me to go on a strict diet, for my SIBO(Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). This diet does not include chocolate chip cookies with salt on top…

The thing is, that this particular cookie isn’t even that good. My throat started to itch, after taking one bite. How can I possibly waste it, though? I paid for it, and it’s beckoning to me….

I have a long way to go in terms of retraining my palate. The diet I am supposed to be on, contains only meat and veggies, some nuts, lemons, and limes.

I know of people who follow these kinds of restricted diets, and have done so for eons. I can’t understand how they do it!

I feel like the child in me rebelled, when this nutritionist spelled out my sentence. “You won’t, from this time forward, consume sugar, dairy products, fried foods, beans, or anything that really appeals to you.”

I really do want to feel better. The nutritionist said when I’m craving sweets, or starchy foods, to understand that it’s my bad gut bacteria speaking to me. He said that I need to feed my body, rather than feeding the cravings.

Easier said, than done.

Does anyone know of a site where I can buy willpower? I’m open to paying a lot.

Alternate view of Remix, in Ashland, OR

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