It’s strange to me how on certain days I wake up in a good mood.

Recently, this has not been the norm for me, so I’m counting my blessings that today is one of those days where I feel less burdened and miserable than usual.

My mom and dad are visiting Ashland, and I’ve enjoy several delicious meals with them, at restaurants in the area that I could never afford on my own.

My dad just had his 78th birthday, on Monday, June 11th.

Dealing with family can be very stressful. Fortunately my folks prefer to stay in a hotel, rather than in my one bedroom flat! I think this is best for all of us.

My dad and I are extremely different people. He is an Astrophysicist, and very much admires and elevates rational thinking.

Though I appreciate our problem solving abilities, I am more aligned with my intuitive side. I’m an artist, not a scientist.

My dad is a Republican, while I’m a Democrat.

He is fairly thick skinned, and is an extrovert.

I am thin skinned, and tend towards introversion.

Though I’m 50 now, he still sees me as a youth, as I suppose is common for parents with children.

He respects me more than he once did, but often he forgets I’m an adult, with my own valid opinions. My own way of being in this world.

Sometimes it can be difficult for me to deal with him. And it is easy for me to focus on his faults.

I am realizing, however, as I age, how much of a product we are of the generation we grew up in, and of how our parents raised us.

Though it can be hard to fathom, he once was a baby, a child, a 30 year old, a 50 year old.

Occasionally I catch snapshots of him as he was as a youngster. Like when he nearly singlehandedly ate an enormous chocolate fudge Sunday, for dessert, on his birthday!

With his smile stretching across his face, in delight, it was easy to see the little boy in him.

I’ve caught him several times, behaving in a way, that reminds me of what he must have been like as a child, and as a young man.

So, as difficult, and opinionated my father can be, I can see the good in him, and I can love him.  Especially, when I put in the effort, and try.

Happy Father’s Day, dad.

You’re the best.



  1. I am glad you got to spend your father’s birthday and father’s day together! Your post reminds me of my experience with my own dad. As a child and young adult, i mostly saw my father’s faults and had a volatile relationship with him. As i got older, I realized that he was doing the best he could, that he had his own issues to overcome, and that he really did love me and want the best for me. In the months before his death, we spent a lot of time together talking, crying and laughing. Forgiving him for the past and getting to truly know him changed me so much and helped me learn to love myself. I feel his presence often, especially today.

    1. Oh Susan, I’m so glad you had the opportunity to mend your relationship with your dad before he passes. That is a real gift. I’ll call you on your cell sometime later today.

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