Into the Pit(Again)

Just the other, day, I wrote about how great things have been going. I was feeling so thankful for the good in my life.

Today has been different.

It was a big deal for me tonight, to have 7 of my pieces up, and it was supposed to be fun.

It’s amazing how quickly dating can destroy your sense of confidence, and throw you into the pit of despair.

I went on three dates with this guy, whom I proceeded to fall for quickly. He could not(would not) come to my event, or even agree to meet later.

He told me at the beginning(two whole weeks ago), that he is extremely busy. Has a young daughter, a full time job, and is starting a new business.

We women, actually I’d say all people, like to be made to feel special.

I bought a sexy new dress for the opening, but especially for this man.

At the event, I got many compliments on my appearance. But somehow it just didn’t pull me out of my funk.

What gets me, is that I let myself fall like this, and then am repeatedly trampled on. I’m frustrated that the whole dating thing effects me as much as it does. 

I’m smart. I’m funny. Sometimes, I’m even sexy. I am talented. I have a lot going for me.

Why is it that we seem to need someone of the opposite sex to prove this is true, to us?

I’m sure I’ll recover. I’ll be fine. I have lots on my plate right now.

It would just be nice to meet someone who wants to invest enough of themselves in a romantic relationship with me, to make me feel like they value me hugely as a friend, and as a lover. I don’t feel that is asking too much.


  1. I agree with the above comment. It’s not asking too much. I haven’t dated in ages (years!) and I’m quite glad of it in the sense that I am more independent and stronger in myself, not needing the opinions or support of another person to better how I feel about myself. That said, if I were seeing someone, even if it were early days, I can’t see myself feeling anything but disappointed by something like this. You deserve to be made to feel special and important, and it’s not a big ask to simply ‘be there’. I hope someone with more compassion and common sense comes along for you but I know it must be hard, especially when you’ve started falling for this guy. I can’t say anything to make it hurt less, but I wanted to send a hug your way. xx

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