The Joys of Being 50

Over the past several months, I’ve been in this constant state of fight or flight. It’s been like wild animals are around every corner, waiting to eat me, I’ve felt so anxious. 

I haven’t been able to eat, my nervousness has been so excessive. I haven’t been able to sleep. Which of course compounds my general inability to cope with life.

I didn’t know what was going on. And then I remembered that I’m 50.

It did not even occur to me, that my symptoms might be related to being menopausal. 

Until a friend of mind gently broached the subject, I just thought I was slowly losing my mind.

I used some bio-identical hormonal creme that my doc gave me a couple of years ago. And, wallah, I slept! Ok, not incredibly well, but I wasn’t staring into the darkness all night, sighing loudly in frustration.

Wow. Hormones are really powerful little things.

I believe that part of why it did not even register that menopause might be the problem, is that I have never felt fully like an adult.

I look into the mirror, and I’m shocked by what I see. Especially when my white roots are growing out and exposed. I’m, like, getting old! This totally blows me away.

So, thank God for bio-identical Progesterone cream! I will be using it nightly from now on. Hopefully it will become a close friend of mine. One that at least partially quells the fears(though not the resistance), of getting older.


  1. My doc put me on an antidepressant to cope with the anxiety. I can only speculate as to why she didn’t start me on hormone therapy. Glad you found something that’s helping you!

    1. I’m on antidepressants, too. You might need hormones as well. Some docs freak out about them, though, because of an increased risk of breast cancer. I think they’re worth taking, regardless! The bio-identical, natural ones are supposed to be better.

      1. Well, that definitely explains it. As a former pack & a half a day smoker, my primary must be thinking about cancer. I’ll talk to her again about it. Thank you😊

  2. My mother always says she was lucky as she didn’t feel too many effects of the menopause, however she often finds herself disliking what she sees in the mirror, the way her hands look, how age is taking its course (though I think she look beautiful – she’ll be 70 this year, which probably scares me more than her!) Hope the cream helps, and speak to your doctor about symptoms because there are more tools in their menopause arsenal than they let on I think! x

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