Remembering to Like Myself

I don’t know about you, but I have an easier time thinking about all the areas in my life where I am lacking, then I do focusing on what I’m good at, and what I like about myself.

Changing my mindset isn’t easy, as my brain repeats itself like a broken record. “You don’t make friends easily, you are too fat, AND you are a difficult person.”, it says to me. And a whole lot of other things that are too embarrassing to mention.

The hardest thing for me, I think, is just noticing how meanly I’m speaking to myself. Voices from my past have overtaken my own voice. Who’s me, who’s someone else? No, I don’t have multiple personality disorder…

Once I recognize what I’m doing, I can bring myself back to what I do like about myself, to counter and quiet those noxious voices. And noxious isn’t an exaggeration.

It’s a challenge not to get depressed, when this tape of insults towards oneself is almost constantly playing.

Meditation seems to be helping me somewhat, as has therapy(years of). In meditation there is this saying that our minds are like monkeys, or puppies. All over the damned place! Quieting and bringing ourselves to our center takes practice.

Just think how long it took us to develop all the negative ways in which we see ourselves.


  1. I am a pretty darned good artist
  2. I am not boring
  3. I am a thoughtful person
  4. I am a sensitive person
  5. I can write(reasonably well)
  6. I am persistent
  7. I have courage
  8. I am able to make, and keep close friends
  9. I am smart(about some things)
  10. I can laugh at myself(once in awhile)


There we go. So, now I must write this out in big letters, with bright marker pens, and tape it to my bathroom mirror!

What do you like about yourself?

Trust your strength!

Once you can come up with a few qualities, just do your best to remember to remind yourself of them.

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