Welcome, 2018, Into Our World

The Ashland, Oregon mountains, on the last day of the year

Welcome, 2018, into this world. We need a new year, with room for regeneration and growth, to bring freshness into this tired place.

We need you to usher in changes that bring peace and joy to all peoples.

It’s time for justice to come into being, to root out the many injustices that erode our world daily.

It’s time to provide the United States government with enough insight to realize the we are currently going in the completely wrong direction.  And the impetus to do something about this.

It’s time for love and understanding to replace hatred, and greed. For each of us to see our sameness, and to band together in solidarity. Rather than being torn apart by our perceived differences.

We need you, 2018, to undo so much damage that has been inflicted upon the inhabitants of this country, and this world.

Please infuse our planet, and our people with life, and give us a new sense of determination. Lead us from the path of inertia.  Enable us to make the changes needed in this struggling, weary place, adrift in one of many universes.

We are depending on you.

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