Remembering What I’m Thankful For

View from my deck, in Ashland

I’m not always good at this one. It’s easy to get stuck in that mire of depression, and wishing, that things were different. Especially my health.

I can’t force gratitude, but it does come to me on occasion. 

I was inspired to write on this topic, because a fellow blogger did herself.

For whatever reason, part of being human, or at least being Wendy Bloom, is predominately seeing what is wrong in my life, rather than what is right. Depression makes this kind of thinking natural.

Today, thankfully, I’m doing better. I’m in a place where I can actually come up with a few things that bring me joy.

  1. I’m now in the position with my depression, that I can snap out of it sometimes, if I distract myself, and my mind isn’t in it’s darkest place. This is huge for me, and truly empowering.
  2. I live in a town that is filled with creative people, like myself, and I feel more appreciated here than I did prior to moving. 
  3. I have several dear, close friends, who are really there for me. Friends that accept me regardless of where my mood is.
  4. I live in a beautiful upstairs flat, that has a view of the Ashland mountains. It’s filled with light, and is the perfect place to paint in.
  5. I’ve developed a deep understanding, and sense of reflection concerning myself and the world. I believe this is largely due to having to struggle so intensely with my health, for most of my life.
  6. I’m a survivor. I keep pushing ahead, even when it feels like I’m not getting anywhere. Eventually I do, and the relief is intense.
  7. I’ve gone to Hawaii, 3 times in the past year. I might even move there!
  8. I’ve been inspired to get back to my painting, and have developed a sense of confidence regarding it.
  9. I have parents who love me, and support me, in many different ways. Our relationship has not always been easy to handle, but I’ve never doubted their love for me.
  10. I am understanding myself more and more. I’m able to get out of circular thinking much more effectively than in the past. I can see my progress!

So there it is. Took some effort to think of these things, but at least I was able to. I’m looking forward to a year of growth and goodness, and I’m hoping this is true for everyone.

Especially our president.


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