Subcutaneous Hypertrophic Scar

Great news. My pathology reports came in, and the weird mass that was cut out of my abdomen, is benign!

The surgeon’s assistant left me a message with it’s name. Subcutaneous Hypertrophic scar with foci of Keloidal collagen….

I have no idea what that means, but as a good friend said, ‘benign’ is really the only word that matters.

If I drank alcohol, I’d probably buy some champagne. Since I’m in Hawai’i, it isn’t necessary.

I was convinced I was dying, for awhile there. I decided that I must visit the big island once more, before my untimely death.

Sunset from window South Kona
View from my room in South Kona

I’m staying with an older man, and his 12 year old son, in a very artistically done, and well situated home. We all share the one bathroom. And the shower is outside.

Outside shower in paradise

I know it’s ridiculous for me to be visiting again, in such a short time. I am aware that I cannot continue in this way. At least my flight was free(sort of), because I used my mileage points.

I can hear the inch long Coqii frogs chirping away. I love it here. I am spoiled beyond belief. I realize this.

Early this afternoon, I went snorkeling, and viewed numerous brightly colored fish that varied dramatically in shape and size. I would consider renting an underwater camera, but I’m not that great of a swimmer. I need to concentrate on my splashing around without too many distractions.

Two-step beach

After I exited the water, I overheard a middle-aged man discussing the 5-6 foot reef shark he’d just seen…. Though I am fascinated by sharks, if I were to ever see one while in the ocean, I’d prefer to see a a smaller one.

My friend who moved here over a year ago, is somewhat terrified by the possibility of meeting a shark while swimming. She told me, that they can be territorial. Sometimes, they will slam into you with their noses, just to make a point! She heard that when this happens, you are supposed to look them straight in the eye, and refuse to budge….


Plumeria from Phil
Very nice smelling Plumeria flower


  1. Hey, Wendy, sorry I wasn’t in touch yesterday. Time seems to fly, and I was so busy getting ready to drive south this morning. I loved reading your happy blog about that mass being benign. Your elation really comes through in the writing! Here’s what I know about Priscilla’s schedule: Betsy was supposed to step in last Wednesday and visit her daily until next Wednesday, which is when I take over. Does that help? I hope you’re not worried about your dear kitty. We ate at a relatively new restaurant in Medford last night. It was put together supposedly by the same folks who started Standing Stone in Ashland. Really good food and of course, good beer. It’s called Common Block (I think). We had a great time. Miss you – thanks for staying in touch via blog and text. I’ll try to do the same! much love! Susanne

    1. Have a wonderful trip. Thanks for straightening me out in regards to the Priscilla schedule. Will have to contact Betsy today, to make sure she remembers! I miss you, too, my dear.

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