Blogger Award Nomination

I am thrilled, and doubtlessly, surprised to announce that a thoughtful and hilarious blog writer honored me by nominating my blog for an award. Pretty shocking. But much appreciated.

Her name is Cecilia Kennedy. ‘Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks’, is the name of her blog. She is skilled at making me laugh, even when I am in a dark place. Almost against my will, she makes me smile…

Nominees of this award for bloggers, must:

  1. Thank, and name the person who nominated them
  2. Give a brief history of their blog
  3. Give two pieces of advice
  4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the same award


Somewhat Brief History of My Blog

Initially, I set up my blog site 2 years or more ago. I did not, however, write anything for it.

In July of this year, I spent a month house-sitting, and kitty-sitting for a couple that owns property on the big island of Hawai’i. It was an absolutely awe-inspiring, and soul-healing experience, but I won’t go into that, now.

I stayed in Pahoa, which is South of Hilo, which is many miles North of Kona.

One afternoon, I decided to visit a cafe’ that I had been told of by the owners of the home I was watching. It is called the Tin Shack. And it is, literally, a tin shack. They whip up delicious pastries, and breakfasts that make my mouth water, just imagining them.

I overheard a Caucasian man, with a blue turban, and large beard, discussing his meditation group with some friends. They were at another table fairly far away from my own. My hearing is quite good. I do enjoy eavesdropping.

I introduced myself, and asked if the meditation group was open to strangers, like myself. He introduced himself as Dr. Kartar Khalsa, and said, that, yes, it was open.

I didn’t really care for his meditation technique, but I set up an appointment with him for an acupuncture treatment, as he claimed he was an acupuncturist and herbalist.

The acupuncture was painful, and did nothing for me.

What was interesting, was the spiritual reading that gave me. He stated that I have many spirit guides journeying alongside me, in this life. He said that they were all lying around on lawn chairs, waiting with impatience for me to write. He Also told me that they were frustrated with my inaction, as my writing could benefit many people’s lives.

Sometime in July, I got back to my blog writing. I wrote daily for about one month. Recently, I’ve been posting every 2-3 days. I cannot sum up what the focus of my blog is, but it adds meaning to my life. I am hoping that it does the same for the small number of my followers who actually read it.

Two Pieces of Advice

This is a tough one for me, as I generally seek other people’s advice. But here it goes…

  1. Despite what I listed above, I know that there is only one path to the truth. Finding it involves journeying within, to the deepest parts of ourselves. We are taught to look outside of ourselves to find answers to our most important questions, and this only serves to lead us astray. I believe that effective writing only comes when we are being honest with ourselves about who we are. That takes knowing who we are, which is a life-long path. And is harder than you think.
  2. This pertains to my first answer. It is natural to compare ourselves with other writers. To imagine we can never rise above our imperfections, or limitations. To feel like we need to compete to succeed. I believe that the key to memorable writing is in having a unique voice. It is about sharing your pains and triumphs in your own way. It is not about writing with perfect grammar, and out-performing the writers you admire.


Nominated Writers

I am embarrassed to say, that I am following fewer bloggers on this platform, than I would like to be. I tend to get overwhelmed by constant emails, and reminders of what I need to read.

Here are my nominees:

  1. Caz, at InvisiblyMe
  2.  Cynthia Walker, at making peace with the wrong side of 40


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