Minor Surgery?


Yesterday morning, my friend dropped me off early at the surgeon’s office. They had requested that I be there 15 minutes before my appointment.

I had listened to a guided meditation for 20 minutes beforehand, and had taken a half of a Klonopin tablet. I was fairly calm, considering I’d be cut open without an I.V., or general anesthetic.

At around 10 AM, the nurse guided me into the procedure room. I don’t know about you, but anything to do with the hospital, cutting, or other means of torture, is disturbing to me.

I proceeded to wait for 10 minutes.

The door cracked open, and I thought, “Hey, not so bad, for a surgeon, anyway.”

It wasn’t the surgeon, it was the nurse, again. “He’ll be here in 5 minutes!,” she chirped.

Another 10 minutes went by. Nothing. I was starting to get nervous. Even after all of my preparations.

Finally, he entered the procedure room. At 10:30 AM. Don’t you love it when doctors tell you to come early, and then make you wait?

He handed me a gown, and left the room. When he returned, he did a drawing for me, of how he was going to cut the incision, and told me why he was doing it this way. He’s actually quite nice, for a surgeon. Bedside manner does not tend to be one of their strong points.

He had me lie down on the reclining chair, with special gadgets associated with it. This was not like an easy chair.

He is over 6 foot 4 inches. I know, because I asked him. The nurse kept raising the chair/table, so he wouldn’t have to bend over while operating on me.

He told me what he was doing every step of the way. He cleaned me off, to make me sterile. He kept underscoring that this would be a sterile procedure. Not sure why. I wasn’t thinking that he had just gone to the bathroom, without washing his hands…

He snapped on his rubber gloves. Fortunately, I was situated in a manner where I could not see what he was doing. I’m sure this was intentional.

“I’m going to give you some injections to numb you up,” he said.

What about numbing me for the numbing injections? I thought.

The 10 injections shot into the skin around the abdominal mass, were probably the worst part of the surgery.

The surgery itself felt very strange indeed. On several occasions, it hurt, and he had to inject me with more numbing gel.

He used a device to cauterize my skin, to stop the bleeding. It smelled of burning flesh. He said that he hoped I liked barbecue.

He carved all the way down to my abdominal muscles, to get under the mass. My gut started jumping and twitching like crazy. I don’t want to repeat this experience.

It took him about an hour, from start to finish. He showed me the mass he cut out. He still has no idea of what it is. He sent it off to Pathology, and will call me in the next few days or so, to share the verdict with me.

He prescribed Tylenol with Codeine to ease the pain. 10 pills. They are quite nice. It concerns me, that I am enjoying them. I’ve been much happier than usual. Even though I am feeling some pain, I am also high. I suppose this is why he only gave me 10 pills without a refill.


  1. Eek, scary potatoes – brave lady! I’m sure the results will be all fine and show it’s benign, but of course my fingers are very much crossed for good news. Rest up and take it easy, you’ve been through enough (and heck yes, I hate it when they tell you to arrive early, then the doctor/specialist is late!!)
    Caz xx

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