Gee, what a surprise!

My mood has been all over the place. I swear I was incorrectly diagnosed, with uni-polar depression…

I thought it was too good to be true, when I saw that my Hummingbird painting was placed in the window of the gallery where I’m showing.


I went by today, to see where they decided to hang my other 2 pieces. Initially, I was thrilled because my Hummer wasn’t in the window! ‘Maybe it sold?’, I thought.

Well, no, it didn’t sell. That piece along with the other 2 were hung in the very back of the gallery. Any further back, and they would have been in the bathroom.

My stomach dropped about 10 floors down to the center of the earth, when I realized this was the explanation for my Hummingbirds absence from the front window.

It’s amazing what you have to put up with as an artist. Of course, no one phoned me, and told me, “Wendy, we stuck your insignificant work in the back, where there is very little foot traffic.” They could have just as well. At least then, I would have been prepared.

On top of this, I’ve had to endure 2-4 hairy men working on the deck of my rental, for several weeks now. Since I work from home, I am finding no peace or solitude. My nerves are all jangled, I feel like I could punch one of these guys in the face. If I were another 200 pound hairy man, myself, I would seriously consider it. They say today is the day of grace. Hopefully they are right, and I will not see them again, or hear their hammers and electric saws for the remainder of my lifetime.

All the hammering, and the total lack of privacy has really made me feel raw. I’m so used to having my one bedroom to myself. It’s essential for me to have the luxury of napping, or painting, or dancing wildly to Michael Jackson, at any time I want. Otherwise, I start to feel like I do, now, as if I’m imploding.

I volunteered for an event in town here, that I didn’t understand involved very large numbers of children. I thought, oh, making monster masks with 20 kids could be fun!


Then I discovered that there will be over 100 children at this venue. I’ve spent over 5 hours prepping for this job, and I’m not even getting paid to do it! Have you ever used a glue gun to attach 100 tongue depressors to 100 paper plates? I didn’t think so. I don’t recommend it.

So, I’m sleep deprived, twitching uncontrollably from having these lovely construction men hammering away for days, and depressed because my art work has been demoted.

Hopefully, the vast majority of the children I’ll be working with this evening, will be well behaved.

What did I get myself into?

I can only pray for divine intervention, to get through this experience without turning into a monster, myself.



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