The Sun is Shining

Wow. Beautiful day today here in Ashland. Amazing how blue skies immediately improve my mood by leaps and bounds.

Very busy week ahead. Today I met with the director of education at Ashland Art Center. I volunteered to make monster masks with kids, at the upcoming Monster Ball, on Friday. Should be great fun.

I have a dentist appointment, an appointment with my G.I. doc, dinner with a friend. I think this weather makes me giddy. Taking on more than I can chew…

I will be spending the next few days creating mouths, eyes, noses, fangs, etc., for the masks that the kids will be making this Friday.

Being that I am both an artist, and a Virgo, I have this streak of perfectionism which is quite powerful. I realized that originally I had very grand ideas about what these masks would look like. At least the masks that I’m going to be coming up with in the next several days. They’d have to be great works of art, to be acceptable.

I realized, luckily enough, that kids don’t need things to be perfect, or beyond spectacular, to have fun. Googly eyes, construction paper, glitter glue… a little creativity, and guidance, and wallah! A home made monster mask to bring home to mom.

In the past, I would have thought of all sorts of reasons as to why volunteering for this gig was not a good idea for me. I still have been a bit nervous about this undertaking, but I know that I can do it. I enjoy kids so much, that this could open up a whole new venue for me. I’ve wanted to teach kids art for a long while now, but felt too insecure to take on the challenge. So today, I’m feeling good about myself for tackling a dream and making it a reality.

My work is being shown at the gallery at the art center. I finally got my pieces wired properly, so that they can be hanged up there. My hummingbird piece is being displayed in the front window of the art center, which shocked me when I saw it. I was sure that all of my paintings would be in the back of the gallery in the shadows. It’s nice being wrong about this sort of stuff.

I got Giclee prints made of all of my paintings. Expensive! If anyone is interested, I am selling them for $45 a piece. They are 11 by 14 inches, and printed on archival paper, with archival inks, which means that they won’t fade, and the color is very vibrant. So that’s my obnoxious sales pitch for the day.

Got to go and get my teeth cleaned. Oh joy.

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