On attempting to be Vegan

Wow. This is harder than I thought it would be.

I was a vegetarian for 7 years in my 30’s, but I’ve never been Vegan. I’m trying this diet out, because I have a very obvious allergy to milk. Not sure about eggs.

I also felt so bonded to animals through my experiences in Hawaii, i.e. swimming with dolphins, that I decided from a moral perspective it’s wrong for me to be eating meat.

I’ve been eating tons of avocado, nuts, and tofu, to get a sense of fullness. Does not come easily.

I think that I miss cheese the most of anything! My dear Vegan friend claims that there is something in cheese that is actually physically addictive. I need to research this, but don’t find it hard to believe.

What do Vegans eat for breakfast? I love eggs, and have relied on them heavily to take that spot. I don’t really feel terrific when I eat hot cereal first thing. Smoothies are also a problem. Apples and Vegan cheese gets boring after awhile.

I’m trying to be more healthy here, so I can have greater energy, and a clearer mind. I’m finding that it’s not working this way.

I’ll eat well, but not enough, for awhile each day. Then, I become aware that my tummy is gurgling and growling. I am grouchy. I need to fill it with something satisfying! So, I go out to Ruby’s, a college hang out, in Ashland, and I order unhealthy vegetarian food. A vegetarian Ruben, called a Rubenstein. It has bread, which has gluten in it. It also has cheese, thousand island dressing, and tempeh inside. I guess the tempeh is fairly healthy.

Then, I order french fries. Those are Vegan, right? I consume large quantities of them. Hmm. Not feeling terrific.

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea for me?

Because I am ill, and tired to begin with, finding recipes, going grocery shopping, and cooking doesn’t happen often here. I have a friend who makes Vegan and Vegetarian meals for a very reasonable price. Still, I can’t always afford this.

When you are attempting to become Vegan, and it’s not a familiar way of life for you, it is quite a taxing diet to follow. I’d like to put more research into recipes, for good and EASY to make breakfast foods. I would like to spend more time on all of the details of feeding myself.

I find the whole process rather annoying and frustrating, but I know that it’s worth my time and effort.

I will keep you posted. I’m not giving up yet.


  1. I would go vegetarian because I love it in principal, but…. I eat a lot of chicken and turkey (the only meat I can eat with my stoma and I love them) don’t think I could give them up. I can appreciate it must be pretty frustrating working your way around it and making sure to keep your diet and nutrition at its best at the same time so don’t be so hard on yourself because it sounds like you’re doing really well! x

    1. I definitely know from experience that no one diet is best for everyone. It’s important to feed yourself with what really nourishes you in body and soul. I’m trying to be vegetarian/vegan, because it appeals to me at some level. However, if I start to feel worse than I did before I started, I will go off of it. When my Crohn’s was active, there is no way I could eat what I’m eating now!

  2. For me, being vegetarian is not difficult, but vegan… that’s difficult. Have you tried apples with almond butter? (that’s vegan… and really good!). Also, squash soup with coconut milk (flavored with lime juice and curry powder).

    Sorry I missed seeing you 2 weeks ago when you were in town…

    1. I’m sorry I missed seeing you, too. Apples and almond butter are a bit part of my diet! I made a coconut/curry soup with kale and yams, very yummy, awhile back. I’ve also bought some tasty Vegan cheeses and spreads, which are delicious on GF crackers and bread. The hard thing is it tends to take more prep and creativity to make Vegan meals that taste good. I’m sure I’ll get better at it as time goes on….

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