Straddling Two Worlds

Thankfully the smoke has cleared in Ashland, from the multiple fires in the area. The beautiful blue sky and cool temperatures have made it easier for me to transition back to my home here.


A lot has been happening. On Sunday, I will be training at the Ashland Art Center, with the manager/artist to learn to work at the front desk. I will be volunteering once weekly, as a member of the artists cooperative, and as an artist showing my paintings in their gallery.

To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about this position, though I know I’ll do well with time and experience behind me. I will be answering phones, directing patrons, ringing up art supplies, and art.

Mostly I’m excited to be part of the vibrant community of artists here.


I’ve tried attending events at the local Jewish temple. Though I really enjoy the Rabbi there, the members are rather unfriendly, as a whole. They put me off. I also realized that I get more of a spiritual boost by being outside in nature, than by being in a temple and listening to Hebrew being chanted.


It can be difficult to find a community. Especially when you’re beginning all over again, in a new town, and new location. I’ve found that my family here seems to be made up mostly of artists. I’m hoping to develop further, a network of friends, who share common interests.

In the past, I’ve hesitated becoming involved in anything communal. In part because I haven’t had the confidence to do so. Also, my health issues, and persistent fatigue make it hard to commit to activities, and responsibilities.

I feel fortunate to now be in a place where I feel like I have something to contribute to others. Where I know that my art work is somewhat professional looking. Where I’m yearning to be a part of something larger than myself.

On Monday, I’m taking my paintings to an archival print maker, to get proofs made of each painting, and to get Giclee prints made. An expensive endeavor, but I know that most people that buy art, don’t necessarily have a lot of money. Many of them are artists themselves! I have a feeling that I will be selling more prints than paintings, and that this is where I’ll get the majority of my sales.

I am missing the ocean. The lush green vistas, and snorkeling in Hawaii. I am missing my friend Caroline.

I am beginning to think that perhaps I don’t need to make a choice about where to live. Perhaps I can rest with one foot in each town. Ashland, and Pahoa.


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