Vegan Cheese?

So, I’m here in Pahoa, eating gluten free, Vegan pizza, and sort of enjoying it. The pizza itself is somewhat questionable. The loud whistles and chirps of the Coqui frogs outside is wonderful. They are really loud, and inhabit the island by the millions. I’ve never before seen one, but I’ve heard them every night that I’ve spent on the Hilo side of Hawaii.

Unfortunately they are an invasive species, and being so, have totally invaded Hawaii. I just discovered that their chirping is to attract nice female frogs for mating.

I’ve been struggling more with depression recently than I have for a long time. A friend of mine who is an astrologer, told me that there is a lot of dark energies swirling through the universe and into the planet right now. She said that people that are highly sensitive pick up on this stuff. I thought this was an interesting explanation for my current mood, whether it’s true for me, or not.

Certainly, whatever the cause, it’s a difficult time for the people on this planet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the volcano here started spewing magma down the island in unprecedented volumes! At least it moves slow enough so that people can get out of it’s way…

Struggling with writing, too. Haven’t been able to get to it daily.

I have been painting though. I spent all day yesterday on a small canvas. It’s a gecko, but several friends saw a snake.

Am I shedding my old ways and habits?
gecko or snake?

I’d like to find a way to combine my art and writing together into a cohesive blog that has a sense of continuity to it. Don’t know if it will happen, but will try.

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