My Reasons For Writing

I know that people are well meaning when they make suggestions about what I could do to be more involved in the world and potentially happier. On several occasions recently, friends have shared their opinions on what I might consider doing, to diminish my depression, and feel a greater sense of community.

My purpose, though, in writing, is not to generate comments regarding my life. I can understand why readers might think this is the case.

I realize that putting my feelings out there opens me up to all sorts of opinions. I tend to be very frank, and honest about what I’m going through.

The truth is, that I’ve lived with chronic health issues throughout the majority of my 50 years of life. I am well aware of my opportunities. I also am the only one, who fully understands my limitations, and my strengths, and who can intelligently make choices regarding the directions that I choose to go in.

I’m writing this blog, to get more deeply in touch with myself, and to share feelings that can possibly guide other people into an understanding that they are not alone.

I’m writing daily, to improve my skills as a writer.

I’m writing because I have learned a great deal about self-growth in the past 30 plus years, and want to share this.

Perhaps this is the way I’ve chosen to volunteer my time. It’s different than reading to children weekly, or feeding the homeless, or other options I might have, but I believe it’s valid, too.

I’ve found that I’ve helped others the most, when I can just listen, and be empathetic, rather than sharing my opinions on how they should do things differently. I understand that friends wish to see me as happy, and as active as I can be. It takes a certain awareness to hold my tongue, and not try to fix what I see as broken, when good friends are suffering. And it takes a certain level of respect.

So, while I do value the place of kindness where the advice is coming from, I don’t really want, or need the advice itself.

I hope that I haven’t offended anyone today, with my writing. I just felt the need to clarify a few things.



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