The Unpredictable Journey

There are numerous fires burning out of control in Oregon. It has been in the high nineties in Ashland, and the air is filled with smoke.

View from my deck…There are mountains behind the smoke!

It’s no wonder, that my thoughts keep wandering to Hawaii, and when I can manage to get back there!

I’ve been scouring Craigslist obsessively in search of a great housing situation on any of the islands aside from Oahu. I probably check out the sublet category around 4 times or more daily. Slightly insane, I know. When the perfect room, or the perfect home is posted, it gets filled nearly instantaneously. I figure if I continue perusing this housing section repeatedly, I will return to Hawaii within the next several months.

I don’t honestly have enough cash to pay for rent. Promising options are popping up for me daily, though.

For instance, there’s the novelist who is looking for a personal assistant. He will provide a room in his home, in exchange for telephone and computer help. He lives in Lahaina, which is a rather touristy town in Maui, right on the water.

I contacted this guy, thinking that it would be really nice to stay on Maui for a month, without paying rent. It seems there is always a catch…

I texted him, and asked for a photo, so I could determine whether or not he looked like a psychopath. He sent me a pic of himself juggling, which I found endearing. Supposedly he is a novelist, and a doctor.

I sort of expected him to call me, so we could chat and get a sense of each other. I left my phone charging on my kitchen counter, and went out for a bite to eat. When I returned, I noticed there was a message from an 808 area code. I assumed it was him, and was anxious to hear what he sounded like.

I listened to his voicemail message. I don’t know if he was on drugs at the time of his call, or if he is just normally very strange. He told me about how rich he is, “rich as fuck”, how I sounded like I must be in my early twenties, how he couldn’t figure out how to get Uber to work on his phone-the message went on forever!

I felt kind of ill after listening to his ranting. He also called me ‘honey’, which at 50 I don’t tend to appreciate from strangers.

I’m curious to read the book that he’s published. Though I don’t think I am curious enough about him to fly to Hawaii and live in his house.

There are also a couple of house-sitting/pet-sitting gigs that I found on the big island, which is where I really want to go.

It’s difficult for me to stay present, and just be. I know I’m not alone in this. My mind has a tendency of wandering to imagined scenarios, most of which involve Hawaii.

I’ve enjoyed being around my friends. Having them back in my life. They are my greatest blessing.

Being unable to go outside much, because of the heat and the smoke, is starting to drive me nuts. I heard that this is going to continue until the rainy season in October, as the fires are totally out of control.

Ah, well. I do have a roof over my head, loving parents, and a group of friends that are incredibly special. Hopefully that will be enough to prevent me from going bonkers!

View from upcountry in Maui. 







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