Expanding my Mind

Since my trip to Hawaii, I’ve noticed that I’m far more outgoing than I was previously. I will shamelessly flag down people who appear interesting to me. Well, maybe I haven’t shed my inhibitions to quite that extent but I have gained confidence.

I’m sitting in Ashland, at Noble Coffee. I met with my friend Sam, whom I’ve known for about two years. She is insightful, warm and thoughtful. We don’t see each other enough.


After we chatted for a while, she left, and I decided to hang out and write. I noticed a very smartly dressed, slim woman, with a tan New Yorker bag. She had dark hair and a snazzy short cut. She also sported a rather large octopus tattoo on her right calf, which wrapped itself towards her shin.

I could not contain myself. I felt she must be a kindred spirit to have such an image imprinted upon her body. She was at the coffee counter, and I was brash enough to clear my throat and speak out to her, a couple of times, as she was lost in her thoughts.

We spoke for a moment, and I discovered that she had gotten the tattoo in Hawaii, as when she was snorkeling, she met a lovely octopus! Apparently all of her friends that went snorkeling along with her, did not get in on the octopus experience. It seems it was especially for her.

I complimented her on her tattoo, and asked where she got the image. She told me that she is interested in pre-Minoan ceramics, and that they used the octopus motif repeatedly in their art work. She chose the image from a piece that she found online.


img_3699Not much is known about the people or their culture, but they predate the Greeks. They also have a lot of strong-looking women in their art.

I had never heard of these Peoples before. It was so fascinating for me that I decided to look them up. Lots of ceramic vases with striking images of octopuses emblazoned on them.

I love it when I find the courage to speak to someone new, and I am enlightened by the experience. We didn’t even exchange names in this case, but the interaction that we had taught something of value to me.

Though I am now in Ashland, where it’s too hot, smoke is filling the air from forest fires, and there is no ocean nearby, I hope that I can maintain the changes that I made in Hawaii.


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