Where am I now?

So strange modern technology is. One moment you’re in Hawaii, in tropical paradise, and the next you’re in Oregon, where it is dry, and the ocean is hours away. Very unsettling. At least to me.

I spent nearly one and one-half months in Hawaii, and I never got bored by it. Something about the island air feeds my spirit and my physical health. I seem to have more energy there by far, in comparison to how I feel in Ashland.

img_3662I’m not certain how many factors play into this. Obviously, I’m on vacation there. The ocean air is always near. The temperature tends to hover around 80 or so, rather than in the 90’s or 100’s as it is during Southern Oregon summers. People complain about winters here. I much prefer snow to stifling heat, and smoke from fires pervading the air.

Feels very odd to be back. My friend who picked me up, who is also my ex, was apparently unfazed by my return. As we drove home, he mostly complained about my new tattoo. In his mind, I’m too old to be getting tattoos. I must be having an indentity crisis, he said. Not a very enthusiastic welcome.

In contrast, my cat Priscilla seemed very happy to see me. She slept on my bed purring throughout the night. At least somebody loves me…

It feels like half of me is still on Maui, and half of me is in Ashland. I’m straddling the Pacific ocean-boy are my legs stretched!

Driving my car today was nice, as was eating breakfast at Morning Glory, and conversing with strangers. All of my traveling has made me bolder, which was desperately needed.

The air his is filled with junk. It’s difficult to make out the mountains that I can normally see through my living room windows.

My Hibiscus plant is blooming! Hibiscus are all over Hawaii. It feels like I’m being welcomed home by the opening flowers.


I set myself free from certain ingrained patterns of being, when I was away. It’s interesting how upon returning home, I’m feeling this pull back to my earlier self. I want to hold onto the progress I’ve made. Keep to a schedule. Get out regularly. Spend time in nature. Write daily. Prioritize.

Lot’s on my list of changes that need to crystalize into habits. It takes energy to transform ourselves, and I’m exhausted. Of course it will take me time to readjust to Ashland. I need to be gentle with myself, and apply pressure somewhat tenderly, rather than bashing myself over my head.

At least I won’t have to worry about cockroaches flying into my coffee anymore. They don’t fly, here.


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