Waitress, there’s something in my coffee…

Yesterday morning started beautifully with an early morning swim, with my snorkeling gear donned. The water was smooth and unruffled. No waves or disturbances. I could see the many-colored fish easily. Rays of light pierced the surface of the ocean, and shined on through to the bottom.

Then, I had the misfortune of going to breakfast at the wrong place.

It was fancy and overpriced, but directly on the beach, and in front of the hotel I was staying in. I’d had breakfast there once before, and enjoyed the food, though not the price tag associated with it.

The young waitress seated me at a table with a lovely view of the beach. I was thinking fondly about my snorkeling experience, and the large sea turtle I encountered. I was having warm and fuzzy thoughts, about nature, and my connection to it.

I asked the waitress for coffee. She poured me a cup, from the metal pot that she held. I was gazing into the distance, nearly floating. It was if I was still in the water, I felt that light.

I took a large sip of coffee, and was surprised to find that something solid was in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what it was, but knew it wasn’t supposed to be in my coffee. I removed it from my tongue glanced at it, and noted that it must be a large coffee bean.

I put it oimg_3519-3nto the white fabric tablecloth, and looked more closely. To my knowledge, coffee beans don’t have legs. This did.

You can imagine my sense of horror and disgust when I realized what it actually was.

Cockroaches fly in Hawaii, and are quite large. This one had somehow found its way into the coffee pot, and into my cup.

Now, I’ve never been on the show ‘Fear Factor’, where they eat live insects of varying kinds. I would never consider being on the show. Eating bugs is not something I would volunteer to do, regardless of how much I was paid.

So, this was the first time(and hopefully only time), that I ended up with a cockroach in my mouth. I was less concerned that I would have expected. Looking back on the incident, I believe I was in shock!

I called over the waitress, and pointed at the critter lying on the lovely white tablecloth. Her expression of revulsion and mortification mirrored what I was feeling.

She quickly removed it, and proceeded to tell the other waitresses about the unfortunate occurrence.  They were whispering excitedly in the back, and making various grunts of disbelief and concern.

One of them came to my table, and apologized profusely. She told me I could have anything on the menu, without paying for it.

I’m not quite sure how I did it, but I managed to eat my breakfast. Brioche french toast, with passion fruit puree, Marscapone cheese, and maple syrup. A side of bacon. And a new, and cockroach free cup of very good coffee.

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