Singing a New Song

We are none of us strangers to that inner critical voice. Mine likes to tell me how irresponsible I am, how flighty I can be, and how poorly I fit into society. These are only a few of the things in it’s repertoire.

I’ve noticed how this voice shapes my reality. How it convinces me of terrible things that I’m not. How it adds to an already depressive state of mind. How it prevents me from seeing who I truly am, and of what I am capable of accomplishing.

I am tired by the continual besmirching of my character that goes on inside my head. I am beyond ready for a shift.

What if I were to tell myself how talented I am, more often than picking myself apart? Or, how intelligent, or understanding I can be? I worry about being arrogant or conceited, but that would be a lot less painful than writhing around in agony from the war going on inside my brain.

I can become so fixated on my shortcomings, that I am frozen in inaction. I don’t wish to be in that place any longer.

I have improved in this area quite a lot already, but I still have a ways to go.

Being gentle and speaking with kindness and care to myself is new to me. It isn’t easy undoing old habits that have been repeated over and over again throughout my lifetime. Shifting my focus to what I can do, and where my strengths lie doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’m ready to sing a new song, and to dance a new dance. One that allows for all of my quirks, and encourages me to reach deeply into my beauty.

It’s exhausting enough being human, when we aren’t busy denying ourselves, and our very nature. Patience, kindness, understanding, gentleness all bring about a greater sense of ease. I believe that’s what I’m seeking. What I’ve been in search of my entire life. I’m ready to relax into myself, and just be me.

Are you ready, too?

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