Strange Sounds At Night

The other night, I was startled awake by the sound of boxes falling over, and other unidentifiable noises. This came from the downstairs of the home I’m house sitting in. The bottom story of this house is unfinished. It’s open to the elements, and has only two completed walls.

I didn’t check out the scene, as it gets quite dark here, and I was afraid that I might encounter thieves with machetes. I am rather paranoid, you see. This beautiful space sits on over 3 acres of land, bordering the ocean. It’s gorgeous, but also isolated. Which is part of it’s appeal.

In the morning, I decided to give the bottom floor a once over, to see if anything was out of place, or missing.  I was surprised by what I found.

Three stray kittens, gazed up at me, as I descended the flight of stairs. Two gray, and one black. They were adorable, but I knew that they needed to go. I slammed some pan lids together, and did so with gusto. The kittens ran around me confusedly, but did not run away. They each crawled into different hiding places, which there are a large variety of on this property.

Then I called the property manager, and he came over with his big dog, Rufus. I felt very badly about the whole procedure here, because I’d rather have fed the little cuties, and invited them to sit on my lap.

He clapped his hands loudly together, and shouted at these poor little stay creatures. This seemed to work. I was relieved to know that they had left the premises, and wouldn’t be pooping in secret places that might never be found.

About 2 hours later, I started the Honda, and saw the same aforementioned kitties, running away hurriedly. Well, that should do it, I thought.

Suffice it to say that my objective was not achieved. The little monsters have been persistent. They are brave, and desperate.

Last night, the 10-year-old kitty that I’m taking care of began to growl, as she stuck her head out of the bedroom window. Next thing I knew, she was downstairs acting ferocious, and protecting her territory.

It was shocking. This kitty is perhaps the friendliest and most mellow of kitties that I’ve ever known. She did not at all take kindly to the young intruders. She raged at them with intensity.

It sort of felt like a cartoon. She growled. And growled some more. I heard little meows coming from the poor babies, but the resident cat obviously felt no mercy. She persisted.

I think that they are finally gone, now. I haven’t been downstairs yet today. I suppose when I rev the Honda’s engine, and honk its horn, I will know for sure.

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