Encountering Reverse-Discrimination

In Hawaii there is an often strained relationship between the tourists, newcomers, and the native people. The history between the previously independent Hawaii, and the American Nation, is a dark one.

It’s not an unusual aspect of the American Government to take land by force, and to slaughter innocents in the process. Our beginnings are stained with the blood of the Native Americans. To be honest, I don’t even know how many indigenous people were murdered in the Americas, before it was founded. That is something I should know.

Here in Hawaii, I’ve encountered reverse discrimination from the Native Peoples. I have very little reason to complain, given that being white confers a certain level of privilege and automatic acceptance in this country.

I’ve received some nasty looks, and had some unpleasant interactions here. Both from white locals, and Pacific Islanders. It’s strange being on the receiving end of prejudiced behavior. It’s highly unpleasant, and uncomfortable to be seen not as an individual, but to be labeled and written off before I even open my mouth.

I cannot begin to imagine what it’s like, to face this kind of treatment, from the day you’re born, until you die. Being Jewish, I have some small inkling of what it can feel like, to be judged negatively for my background. But being Jewish is something I can hide.

Though it is like paradise here, in terms of the surroundings, and the natural wonders, it isn’t always comfortable for me to be here.


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