Here in Hawaii

I’m here on the Big Island of Hawaii, for the month of July. I lucked out, and found a couple looking for a house, and a kitty sitter, on Craigslist. This was many months ago. I contacted them 11 minutes after they posted their ad!

It’s gorgeous here. The kitty, Pua, is sleeping on the bed behind me. She is snoring away contentedly. No litter box to clean. What a plus. She roams freely on the 3 plus acres of land that my little home here, sits on.

No wonder why it’s called paradise. The lush garden, with papayas, pineapple, and other fruits that are unrecognizable to me, is a delight. I can see the ocean from the upstairs one bedroom bungalow’s numerous windows. I can’t sleep past 7 a.m., as the light shines in so brightly each morning, that sleep becomes impossible.

I’m near a very small town called Pahoa, on the eastern side of the island-which is far less of a tourist destination than Kailua-Kona. I like it here very much. No lights at night, for miles. I can see the stars like nowhere else I’ve been, when darkness falls.

One night, I took a bath in the tub outside, and soaked under the full moon. It felt magical. What a glorious experience! There is no need for privacy here, which feels exquisitely sumptuous to me. Very unlike Ashland, or Palo Alto, or anywhere else, I think, on the mainland.

I believe that when it’s time for me to go back, to my real home, it will not be an easy transition. I’m feeling alive, and calm, which is uncommon for me. My connection to nature here, is profoundly healing.


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