I heard a loud thud.

It startled me.

I looked out onto

my balcony.

There it lay.

A lovely yellow bird.

On it’s back.

It’s breathing

quick and shallow.

Then, it died.

The sadness that swept through me

Was far greater than I’d expect

for a little yellow bird,

who broke her sweet neck.

But something hit me,


about the gentle creatures

of this earth,

who often meet with untimely


I held her soft body

in my hands,

and such tenderness

welled up inside


Such a sense of loss

I could not comfort myself.

I cried louder.

I dug a small grave

for this sad bird,

my tears flowing.

I placed her in it,

not deep enough.

I was afraid

that her soul

might be buried, too,

if I dug it

any deeper.

I covered her up

with earth and bits

of rocks.

She looked like

she was sleeping.

Her precious head

tilted to one side,


I placed 3 stones

on her grave,

to remind me where she is.


















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