Thoth, the Egyptian God of Writing

Today, in my women’s group, when we were pulling cards from a variety of decks for insight, I pulled the card Thoth. I had never heard of him before, but learned that he is the Egyptian God who is thought to have created the written language, and who underscores the importance of writing.

It was strange for me, pulling this card, as I had just emailed a woman in my writing group, about how I hadn’t been writing lately.

It is easy for me to be taken over by the whirlwind we call life. Taken over, and bogged down by it, it’s been tough for me to express my feelings, or to even know exactly what it is that I’m feeling.

Struggles with my physical health, past relationships, my relationship to myself have been exhausting as of late. I find that often when I most need to write, or do art, I am least likely to find refuge in either of those spiritual endeavors.

Selecting that card today, reminded me of how important it is to take myself seriously. At least when it comes to my writing, and any other form of creative expression I employ to make my life feel more meaningful. To lighten the load.

Writing might not make everything okay for me, but it gives me a small sense of purpose, and it takes me away from my pain, at least for a little while.


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