The Inner Voice

Giving up on myself is always an option.  But throwing my dreams into the toilet doesn’t seem right. 

It can be frightening to do what we love, knowing that what we do might be met with criticism. It’s tempting to end our journey towards fulfillment. Especially when we forget that each of us has a unique voice that won’t be heard, until it’s shared.

I  often question my writing ability. I can feel inadequate. There are so many high profile writers and artists that I know about. I admire their books and their paintings. They are talented, successful, and paid generously for their work. Could that ever be me?

You will never be the best writer, artist, or entrepreneur. It’s all subjective. Living under the shadow of perfectionism kills creativity.

What’s most important is the journey inward.  That lifelong search for your authentic self. The act of freeing her takes hard won knowledge. Seeing exactly who you are, while embracing your whole self. It starts with a willingness to sit inside your most vulnerable places. 

But my peers are telling me that my vision is flawed. That I’m not good enough. I do feel like I’m not enough, and that I never can be.

You are going astray when you do what someone else tells you to do, because they tell you it’s the truth. Tune into that inner voice. You know more about who you are, and about all you have to offer than anyone else does. It’s time to trust in who you are, and to reap the rewards of being real.


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