Trying to Be Less Pretentious

Stephen King says that using big words constantly, is a no-no.

Stephen King and other writers suggest that it’s more important to make an effort to write simply, and not place large words everywhere in an effort to wow readers.

It’s funny that I’ve been catching myself flinging around words with lots of letters, that I assume not everybody knows.

Why the big words?

If I call myself a writer, don’t I have to use them? I mean, it’s key in this field to be super duper smart, and to make sure that everyone around me knows it.

I admit, it doesn’t feel very deep of me to rely on these words like I do. It doesn’t make my writing any better, either.

I struggle with this one. Insecurity sometimes leads me astray. I try to sound intelligent. I try to please. It’s silly because it’s me that cares the most about how big my brain appears to be. Not my readers.

The writing that stands out is more personal, and genuine.

I would guess that writing that is warm, and comes naturally to the person who is writing tends to be received much better by readers.

It’s not really that easy. It’s harder for me to write this way without first connecting to a usually buried side of myself.  It’s scary, revealing more of myself. The ugly and embarrassing parts of me that I like to hide in the dark, and forget about.

Gotta avoid that at all costs!

Who gave me the idea that big words mean more than little ones?

My dependence on big words got started when I was at Palo Alto High School, which is frighteningly close to Stanford University. So much competition. So many people who seemed so much smarter than I felt I was.

It seems snotty to tell other people that I’m a writer. Of course all of us can write about our own truths, or about people/ideas that mean a lot to us.

I am seeing as I compose this blog, how hard it is for me to write like the flawed, confused, erratic person that I am. I’ve tried here to be  down to earth, and to not pretend that I’m a college professor. It feels sort of  like I’m on a tight rope and the rope is swinging all over the place. Oh my. My stomach has this fluttering feeling to it, like a butterfly is trying to get out. Sort of similar to falling in love. Or the moments before tossing my cookies…

I’ve learned something here.

Hoorah! What a good feeling!

I promise that I will from here on out, do my best to hold back a bit when I get the urge to share my more difficult vocabulary words with my audience(of 2, 3, 0?).

I honestly don’t enjoy making my readers cringe, or pissed off, or nauseated.

Thanks for reading.



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