Hello world!

Wow! My very first post here on my own blog page! Hmm… I feel like this needs to be something spectacular, that will draw readers like you in, in record force.

Though I am very talented when it comes to overburdening myself with impossible tasks, I think that it’s probably best if I don’t go there right now. That is a lot of pressure on my tender heart.

It seems as of late, that I am spending more and more time in the daylight hours in my pink terry robe(it used to be my grandmother’s, is that weird?). I am of course, in front of my computer, typing away frantically, and putting off showering, though it is getting dark outside.

When I am writing, even if it’s about nonsense, which is frequently the case, it’s tough for me to stop. My eyes are very tired right now, as I’ve spent most of the day here in this exact spot, in front of my tiny computer screen. I guess that my New Year’s resolutions to eat right, and to exercise, are going to have to wait until tomorrow….

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